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An Interview With Ron Sandison on Autism

An Interview With Ron Sandison on Autism

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Ron SandisonIn this episode of the podcast, I talk to Ron Sandison about the topic of autism. Ron not only has autism himself, he also is an autism advocate. You can find out more about him at his website Spectrum Inclusion. Ron is also the author of A Parent’s Guide to Autism: Practical Advice. Biblical Wisdom.

My recommended audiobook for this episode is:

The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum by Temple Grandin

The Autistic Brain is the first book by Temple Grandin that will be neither a memoir nor a book on animals. As always, Temple’s ability to cut through the jungle of information and make the science clear is evident with each listen; her skills as a scientist and her original thinking offer some significant new insights into the understanding of autism.

Temple Grandin teaches listeners the science of the autistic brain, and with it the history and sociology of autism. By being autistic–by being able to look from the inside out and from the outside in–the author’s insights are not just unique, they’re groundbreaking. According to Temple, our understanding of autism has been perhaps fundamentally wrong for the past 70 years.

You can get this audiobook for FREE with a FREE trial of Audible.


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