Why I Do Blue Christmas on a Sunday Morning

Bue Christmas

What is Blue Christmas? Blue Christmas is an acknowledgment that Christmas isn’t joyful for everyone and that some people feel “blue,” often because of the loss of a loved one. Many churches offer a Blue […]


Why Our Church Celebrates Advent


I have had some people surprised that our Baptist church observes Advent. “Isn’t Advent a Catholic thing?” Advent comes natural to me as I was raised Anglican and it was an important part of our […]


Good News: Blue Christmas

Good News

Advent is one of my favourite seasons of the year. It allows us to prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Last year we started at Queen Street Baptist Church to observe something […]


4 Ways in Which the Incarnation of Jesus Christ is Unique


People who subscribe to the Jesus Myth Theory argue that there is nothing unique to the incarnation of Jesus. They attempt to draw all sorts of parallels that end up disappearing as soon as you […]


Advent Four: Love


This is sermon based on 1 John 4:7-12 that I preached at the Spanish congregation at Queen Street Baptist Church. Introduction In addition to my role as a pastor at Queen Street Baptist Church, I […]


Advent Reflections. | Ramblings about faith, hope and love

This Sunday is the first of the advent season. Growing up in the Pentecostal church, this is a tradition that I was unfamiliar with until Steve and I were married and I began to attend […]


Advent Three: The Cross

Apologetics and Theology

When we think of Christmas, we think of the manger and the shepherds and many other images. How many of us think of the cross? The word Christmas actually comes from Christ’s Mass. If you […]


Advent One: Virgin Birth

I thought I would celebrate Advent by having a series of posts on Jesus. I will start with the virgin birth. I will not try and prove the virgin birth but will discuss the purpose […]


You Light Up My Life

John 1:1-13 Introduction One of the things that I find very interesting is the near universal fear of darkness, at least at some point in our life.  We do not teach children to fear darkness, […]


Sin is the Reason for the Season

Mark 1:1-8 Introduction What are the images that we have of Christmas?  Probably the typical nativity scene.  We see a proud Joseph and Mary with adoring shepherds and wise men and submissive animals, all surrounding […]


Notice the Women

Matthew 1:1-18 Introduction Communicators know very well that how you begin greatly affects how people listen to everything else you say.  That is true for how we speak and how we write.  People are looking […]