Conversations With Jehovah’s Witnesses – Part Five

Apologetics and Theology

I once more had a conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness (and a new partner) focused largely (but not completely) on the kingdom of God. After numerous conversations on the kingdom of God, it is clear […]


Is Jesus the Angel of the LORD?

In the Old Testament, there is a mysterious figure known as the Angel of the LORD. What is mysterious about the Angel of the LORD is the identity of this figure. In one way, this […]


Is Jesus God?


Introduction Growing up, I heard a lot about Jesus. I read the stories and learned the parables. But my knowledge of the nature of Jesus was deficient at best. I had heard of the Trinity […]


Is Jesus the Archangel Michael?

One of the distinctives of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is their belief that Jesus is not God but is rather the archangel Michael.  They derive this from the following passage. “For the Lord himself, with a […]