Closing a Chapter

Today was a big day for me in that I took the first step in closing an important chapter in my life and ministry. Today I started the paperwork for my release from the army […]


Canada’s Reserve Soldiers

I am a proud member of the Canadian army reserves. My role is that of a chaplain but I wish that I had joined long before I became a pastor. I strongly believe in the […]


Video Blog: What is a Padre?

Leadership and Ministry

I have decided to experiment with a video blog. The basic idea is to video myself on my iPhone wherever I may be. No effort will be put into making it polished. There will be […]


Getting Some Exercise

Personal Reflections

I can almost guarantee that this good news post has nothing to do with what you think. It is true that it is about health and my physical state but it is not about running […]


A Good Part of My Life

As I think about my good news this week, I think of an event that took place yesterday. I belong to an army reserve united called the Lorne Scots. Yesterday we had our training day […]


Why Should a Church Support Their Pastor in Military Chaplaincy?

You may be a part of the leadership of a church that has a pastor interested in reserve military chaplaincy. Your pastor may have introduced the subject and you are not sure what to think. Why […]


7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Consider Military Chaplaincy

Military Chaplaincy

One of the most rewarding parts of my life has been my role as a military chaplain (padre). I hear from pastors who are considering joining the army but are not sure if they should. I […]


Suffering for the Army

One of the areas of my life that I most enjoy is my work as a padre with the Lorne Scots. There is not much happening in the summer as we are in stand-down. However, […]