Good News: Our Cadet!

Good News

When I was a kid I always wanted to be an army cadet. Unfortunately I never had the courage to join. I did end up joining the army reserves as an adult. My son Justus […]


Advice for Potential Young Military Chaplains


I have had quite a number of pastors talk to me about a desire to become military chaplains. I am a chaplain (or padre) in the army reserves and I love it. It is one […]


A Good Part of My Life

As I think about my good news this week, I think of an event that took place yesterday. I belong to an army reserve united called the Lorne Scots. Yesterday we had our training day […]


Basically I am Qualified For My Occupation

My good news for this week (really the last two weeks) is that I am now a qualified military chaplain. While I completed my BMOQ (Basic Military Officer’s Qualification) a couple of years ago, on […]


On Being a Christian Chaplain in a Non-Christian Military

When I tell people that I am a military chaplain, there is one concern that is frequently bought up. Am I forced to compromise my Christian faith? I would respond with an emphatic “no” and […]


7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Consider Military Chaplaincy

Military Chaplaincy

One of the most rewarding parts of my life has been my role as a military chaplain (padre). I hear from pastors who are considering joining the army but are not sure if they should. I […]


Should Christians Serve as Military Chaplains?

Before I go into this topic I should share two things: 1) I am a Christian, and 2) I am a military chaplain. Based on this you may be able to guess my answer to […]


Can Christians Serve in the Military?


I have read in some pacifist publications that it is impossible for a Christian to serve in the military. I’m not sure that is a useful way of phrasing it. I know that I am […]