5 Things We Can Take Away From the Legacy of Billy Graham

Leadership and Ministry

The Christian world is still grieving the death of Billy Graham. Even though he lived to be 99 years old, there is still a sense of loss. We should pray for his family in these […]


The Impact Billy Graham Had on My Christian Faith

It was sad to hear that Billy Graham had died. I never had the opportunity to hear him preach in person. I attended one of his crusades but he was sick that night and someone […]


Billy Graham and C. S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis

Two of the most influential Christians in the 20th century were C.S. Lewis and Billy Graham. Although from different backgrounds, they both have made significant impact for the Church. William Benson has written a post […]


6 Steps in My Christian Conversion

I hate when people ask me how I became a Christian. It is not that I am embarrassed or am afraid of sharing my faith. Rather my conversion story is long and complicated. Some people […]


Billy Graham – Apologist

Billy Graham

Many people, Christian and other, acknowledge the impact of Billy Graham’s life and ministry on the world. But few people would point to him as one of the world’s great apologists. I would like to […]


Billy Graham & Me

The ministry of Billy Graham has been very influential in my life.  I had a very low opinion of televangelists.  But I remember the priest at the Anglican church I attended speaking highly of Billy […]