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Setting Blogging Goals

It is always the right time to be setting goals for your online activity, including blogging. The key is to set SMART goals. What are SMART goals? Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely Anything less...

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Martin Luther and Blogging

With the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg door, I recently read Roland Bainton’s Here I Stand. I was struck by something as I read the story of...

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5 Mistakes Bloggers Often Make

Bloggers can have the best intentions and still find that their sought after audience eludes them. It is not enough to publish a few good pieces of content. There are some basic mistakes that...

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The Reason I Blog About Autism

I often say that I blog for myself, that it is it is a way for me to sort through my thoughts and at times vent about what is bugging me. But I must...

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How to Have a Successful Blog

I would not consider myself an expert in blogging but I have blogged for ten years and so have learned a thing or two. I would like to share a few ideas about how...

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30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 7

Start a Blog This section is both for those who do not have a blog or those who want to improve their blog. If you already have a successful blog, feel free to move...

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A Resource That All Bloggers Need

I have been blogging in the area of Christian discipleship for quite a few years. It is important for me to keep up on biblical studies and theology to make sure that my content...


Inbound Marketing Certification

Get certified! I have just completed Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification. You may think that is strange as my background is more in Christian ministry and theology. However, I have found this training to be...

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What is the Best Blogging Platform?

What type of blogging platform should you use? I am currently working on an eBook on blogging but I thought I would share some thoughts here as well. Specifically about the different blogging platforms...

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5 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog

I personally find blogging to be very enjoyable. But what about writers who do not currently blog? Is there any point in starting to blog? I would like to share five reasons why writers...

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3 Steps on How to Grow Your Blog

Assuming you are blogging regularly with some quality posts, I have a foolproof way of growing your blog. There are only three steps. Read very carefully. Set a goal. Achieve the goal. Repeat. I...

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How I Started Blogging

I invaded the blogosphere (do people still use that word?) in 2006. I had just published my first book (with Stan Porter), Unmasking the Pagan Christ, and discovered that someone (Ian Clary) was reviewing...

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How Do I Start a Blog?

So you want to start a blog. What are the first steps? I have posted on this previously with So You Want to Be Blogger? I have also offered some tips on how to develop...

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How to Come Up with Blog Topics

Are you serious about blogging? Do you really want to make something of your blog? Content is key. If blogging is just an occasional hobby, you can blog on what you feel like when you...

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So You Want to Be a Blogger?

I have been blogging for six or seven years now. I don’t do everything perfectly, but I have learned some things through trial and error. If you want to be an effective blogger, this...