Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – December 2015

Apologetics Blogs

Here is the updated list of the top apologetics blogs. There has been some movement in ranks, partially because a significant number of blogs have been added to the master list. Here are the top […]


Midweek Apologetics Roundup

Apologetics and Theology

Canada and Christianity: Where Are We? – Justin Wishart Is Atheism the Default Position? – Patrick Collins Word of Advice to Atheists – Stop Defining Atheism as a Lack of Belief – Tyler Vela Resources […]


Top 50 Biblioblogs

I was very pleased to see that I made the top 50 biblioblogs according to Peter Kirby. In fact, I made it to 35, which was more than I expected. Of course that with the […]


Top 20 Blogs Every Christian Leader Should Read

Leadership and Ministry

Leaders are always seeking to learn. Not everyone has time to read books and even if they do, it takes a while to get to the conclusion. Many leaders need leadership tips in smaller but […]


So You Want to Be a Blogger?

Blogging and Writing

I have been blogging for six or seven years now. I don’t do everything perfectly, but I have learned some things through trial and error. If you want to be an effective blogger, this advice […]


How To Get Free Books

It is always a challenge to get good books on a limited budget.  Thomas Nelson publishers have come up with a neat program for bloggers.  If you have a blog, you can get free books […]