How to Not Get Burned Out as a Blogger


Blogging can be a lot of fun. But it can also be draining, not just time-wise, but emotionally as well. If you are a blogger, you need to be proactive in keeping yourself healthy and […]


6 Steps I Take Toward Healthy Ministry


As I write this, it is the beginning of September. As a pastor of a church, in many ways this is the beginning of the ministry year. After a couple of months of a relaxed […]


5 Ways For Pastors to Avoid Burnout

Pastors Burnout

While pastoral ministry is a very rewarding career, it can easily lead to burnout. Back in 2010, The New York Times published an article on pastoral burnout. The findings have surfaced with ominous regularity over […]


5 Tips to Prevent Apologist Burnout

Apologetics and Theology

I recently posted on how to prevent pastor burnout. Those who dedicate their time to apologetics also need to be watchful of this danger. There are enough stories of apologists who not only gave up […]


5 Tips to Prevent Pastor Burnout

Leadership and Ministry

Being in pastoral ministry is one of the most rewarding careers available. At the same time it is stressful and there are all too many cases of burnout. Pastoral ministry does not have to lead to […]