Christians and Alcohol


At a previous church, I had a visit with someone in my congregation. The first question was about my position on Christians and “social drinking.” Before I could comment, she informed me that there was […]


What Does It Mean For Christians to Stand in Solidarity With Muslims?

Apologetics and Theology

Canadians of every and no religion were shocked and saddened by the shooting that took place in a Quebec City mosque. There has been a strong anti-Muslim sentiment that has only been growing. This shooting is […]


Don’t Be That Christian!


I encounter a lot of objections to Christianity.  While I have read many posts by atheists, the most difficult to my faith are posts by people who label themselves Christians. There are Christians who are […]


5 Reasons Why Halloween is of the Devil

Everybody knows that Halloween is of the devil. But in case this fact has slipped by you, here are five reasons why Halloween is of the devil. I’m embarrassed that I even have to mention […]


All Christians Believe…

I have previously posted on the multiplicity of Christian beliefs as a so-called argument against Christianity. The opposite is also sometimes used. Skeptics, in an attempt to attack Christianity, create a caricature of Christians. This often […]


Allah, Theos and YHWH

An ongoing debate concerns whether Muslims and Christians believe (I say believe rather than worship because I believe there is a difference) in the same God. I am not going to give my opinion here […]