God Among Sages – Review

God Among Sages

I have been enjoying Ken Samples blog and I frequently link to it. He consistently provides good content that is theologically sound. So I was very happy when I was offered a review copy of […]


The Priority of Jesus Christ

Apologetics Journal

Tom Wells, The Priority of Jesus Christ. Frederick, MD: New Covenant Media, 2005. 158 pp. Pbk. Perhaps I have forgotten, but I don’t recall another book like this — an exploration, exposition, and application of […]


7 Things You Need to Know About Jesus

Apologetics and Theology

The point at which a movement usually moves from orthodoxy to heresy is its understanding of Jesus. If we get Jesus wrong, we get everything wrong. 1. Jesus is not a created being. The Arian […]


Christology of Early Jewish Christianity

My New Testament professor at McMaster Divinity College during my M.Div. days and one of my readers for my M.Th. thesis was a scholar named Richard Longenecker.  He was a great teacher and I can […]


Is Jesus the Archangel Michael?

One of the distinctives of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is their belief that Jesus is not God but is rather the archangel Michael.  They derive this from the following passage. “For the Lord himself, with a […]