Being a Consistent Darwinist

CoexistThe other day I saw a car with two adornments. One was a Darwin fish, a poke at the Jesus fish by adding legs and including “Darwin” rather than “Jesus.” The other was a Coexist bumpersticker. I’m sure the driver felt this reflect his open-mindedness.

I don’t have a problem with a person publicly expressing their beliefs. But there is a bit of a problem with bringing these two messages together.

Darwin FishDarwinism is much more than just a belief that current creatures have evolved from less developed creatures. An essential part of Darwinism is survival of the fittest. This means that the strong must overcome the weak to move into the future.

How does this fit with the idea of “Coexist”?

Darwinism has nothing to do with coexisting. Darwinism is reflected in the exterminating of the Neanderthals by the Homo Sapiens. When it comes to worldviews, as represented in the Coexist bumpersticker, Darwinism calls for the stronger worldviews must overcome the weaker worldviews. Darwinism means anything but coexistence.

People are free to embrace Darwinism. People are also free to embrace the idea of coexistence. But a consistent Darwinist can’t do both.