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Human Origins 0

Views on Human Origins

I recently did a Twitter poll on people’s beliefs on human origins. Here are the results. What is your view of human origins? — Stephen Bedard (@SJBedard) January 6, 2018 Obviously the numbers are...

Options in Creation 0

Options in Creation

When I first came to personal faith, I was fully confident that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead in order to provide forgiveness of sins and eternal life. But there...

Reflections on Reading Darwin 0

Reflections on Reading Darwin

I recently read Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Although I wish that I could do a book review, I am definitely not qualified. Science is not my background and it probably was my...

A Poorly Designed Chapter 0

A Poorly Designed Chapter

In his chapter “Arguments From Design” Christopher Hitchens attacks the concept of intelligent design.  This was a frustrating chapter in a number of ways.  One reason is that Hitchens got off topic quite often....

Tim Keller on Creation and Evolution 1

Tim Keller on Creation and Evolution

What is a Christian to do with the whole creation/evolution debate?  Do we clutch our Bibles with one hand and try to protect our ears from the claims of science with the other hand?...

John’s Creation Account 0

John’s Creation Account

My article “The Johannine Creation Account” is now up at the American Journal of Biblical Theology.  You can find the article here.