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Human Origins 0

Views on Human Origins

I recently did a Twitter poll on people’s beliefs on human origins. Here are the results. What is your view of human origins? — Stephen Bedard (@SJBedard) January 6, 2018 Obviously the numbers are...

Darwinism 1

Doubts on Darwinism

Many people see Darwinism as scientific fact. But is there some room for doubt? J.P. Moreland shares some doubts about Darwinism based on both philosophical and scientific grounds.

Shattering the Icons of Evolution 0

Shattering the Icons of Evolution

Tim Barnett, a talented Canadian apologist who works with Stand to Reason, presents on the subject of evolutions.

Options in Creation 0

Options in Creation

When I first came to personal faith, I was fully confident that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead in order to provide forgiveness of sins and eternal life. But there...

Science vs Religion 0

Science vs Religion

Science and religion are enemies. Or at least that is what some people would like us to think. One of the battlegrounds of this idea is the proposal to teach intelligent design as an...

Reflections on Reading Darwin 0

Reflections on Reading Darwin

I recently read Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Although I wish that I could do a book review, I am definitely not qualified. Science is not my background and it probably was my...

Creationism and Evangelism 0

Creationism and Evangelism

When I first became a Christian, one of the hardest things that I had to deal with was not persecution but how to deal with Genesis 1. I always hated reading that chapter. It...

A Poorly Designed Chapter 0

A Poorly Designed Chapter

In his chapter “Arguments From Design” Christopher Hitchens attacks the concept of intelligent design.  This was a frustrating chapter in a number of ways.  One reason is that Hitchens got off topic quite often....

Tim Keller on Creation and Evolution 1

Tim Keller on Creation and Evolution

What is a Christian to do with the whole creation/evolution debate?  Do we clutch our Bibles with one hand and try to protect our ears from the claims of science with the other hand?...