Good News: Dinner With Friends

Personal Reflections

Amanda and I don’t get enough time to spend with friends. But yesterday we had the chance to hang out with Deane and Annette Proctor. Deane was our pastor when we attended Queensway Baptist Church. […]


Should Pastors Have Friends Within Their Church?


One of the questions that a new pastor has to wrestle with is the nature of relationships they will have within their congregation. Can you be friends with people in the congregation? With leaders/elders/deacons/board members? […]


The Friendless Pastor

Leadership and Ministry

Christian leaders often talk about the lonely pastor. This is more than a cliche, it is the truth. Friendships within the church are complicated and yet pastors spend most of their time with people in […]


John Wesley on Spiritual Friends

I have been reading the journal of John Wesley and came across this interesting entry: “I finished the translation of Martin Luther’s Life.  Doubtless he was a man highly favoured of God, and a blessed […]