Why I Am Not Roman Catholic

This is not an attack on Roman Catholics. Baptists have had a reputation for being anti-Catholic but that is not where I’m coming from. I have friends and family who are Roman Catholic and never […]


Who is the Woman in Revelation 12?


Revelation is at the same time both one of the most interesting and most confusing books in the Bible. The confusion doesn’t mean that we should lose interest. One of the questions that comes up […]


Mary, Isis and the Great Virgin

Apologetics and Theology

In a previous post, I demonstrated that Horus was not born of a virgin as Isis was likely not a virgin before the conception and because Horus was conceived through sexual intercourse. That would seem […]


Zechariah, Mary and the Asking of Questions

An important part of apologetics is about the asking of questions and the wrestling with the potential answers. Although some people are uncomfortable with questions, they are essential to a healthy and strong faith. I […]


Have Some Faith

Luke 1:5-20, 26-35 Introduction Growing up, I did not realize how easy my parents had it at Christmas.  Since I was an only child, not only was it cheaper to buy presents for only one […]