A Challenge For Pastors in the New Year

Mission Statement

There was a time not long ago when it was trendy fir churches to develop vision/mission statements. We don’t hear as much about it now, perhaps because most churches have now adopted one and so […]


What is a Growing Church?

Growing Church

A sermon based on Philippians 1:3-11 preached at Queen Street Baptist Church. Introduction As a child, I was usually the smallest of any of the students in my class. This sometimes made me a bit […]


What is a Welcoming Church?


A sermon on Matthew 11:28-30 preached at Queen Street Baptist Church. Introduction You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is true for both individuals and churches. I remember when Amanda […]


30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 1

Apologetics and Theology

I have decided to start the year in a different way. Many of us want to begin the year with an intention of being better. We all know how hard this can be. Because of this, […]