Top Five Superhero Movies

Comic Book Geek

I grew up reading comic books. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I learned to read with comics. Now as an adult, those same characters are on the big screen with special […]


Top 10 World War II Movies

Second World War

My interest in the Second World War began by watching old war movies. That conflict was one that brought out the best and worst of people and there are plenty of stories to tell. Some […]


Disability Stereotypes in Movies


One of the pet peeves of many people in the disability community is how people with disabilities are portrayed in movies and television shows. Very often, stereotypes are used for people with disabilities. People with […]


DC Comics Movies I Would Like to See

Despite what many critics say, I have enjoyed all of the recent movies (starting with Man of Steel) based DC Comics characters. DC has announced their upcoming movies and I’m looking forward to all of […]


Batman Movies From Best to Worst

At the time of this post, we are still waiting for the movie titled, The Batman. I have actually liked the Ben Affleck version of Batman and am sorry that he will be giving up […]


Star Trek Movies Ranked From Best to Worst

I happen to be one of those people who enjoy both Star Wars and Star Trek. While Star Trek is known more for its TV series, there have been also been thirteen movies. Some of […]


My Top Ten DC Movies


DC is slowly finding its way on the movie screen. There have been some rough ones but there have been some good ones as well. Here is how I would rank the top ten of […]