Writing People off with a Meme

Memes have become very popular in recent years, especially on social media. A catchy picture and a short remark can really make your point. I have posted them myself. But there is a danger. I […]


What is Heresy?


There seems to be quite a bit of labeling of people as heretics in recent years.  It is easy to discount people with a label, but have people really thought through what this means?  The […]


Karl Barth on Orthodoxy

Apologetics and Theology

The catastrophic crash of orthodoxy in the 18th century, the consequences of which we still have to carry to this day, is no more puzzling than the collapse of a house whose foundations are giving […]



I finally got around to reading G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. I have seen this book quoted about as much as any other book.  Once you read the book, you understand why everyone quotes it.  I had […]