Churches Need More of an Inward Focus


What?! Am I out of my mind? Pastors and other church leaders have been working hard for decades to get congregations to move from an inward to an outward focus. We have finally made some […]


What is a Sharing Church?


A sermon preached at Queen Street Baptist Church. Introduction We have been looking at the mission of Queen Street Baptist Church. We have looked at our qualities as a welcoming, growing and worshiping church. We […]


Reaching Millennials

Leadership and Ministry

I will admit that I approached David Stark’s new book, Reaching Millennials, with a bit of caution. It all came down to the subtitle: Proven Methods for Engaging a Young Generation. I am always hesitant […]


Reasons Why Outreach Programs Fail

Pastors understand that outreach programs are important. Even if Jesus did not command us to, we would need them to keep our churches active. The problem is that only a minority of these programs actually […]


Are You an Outwardly Focused Church?

There was a time when churches could be inwardly focused and the pews would still be full. Those days are gone. But how can churches be outwardly focused? Thom Rainer provides seven habits of outwardly […]


Leading a Church to Become More Evangelistic


I know from experience that it is very easy for a church to get caught up in its own programs. As long as the people are happy and the bills are getting paid, things are […]


Jerram Barrs on Apologetics and Outreach

I recently listened to an audio course on Apologetics and Outreach by Jerram Barrs of Covenant Theological Seminary.  It was quite good and I recommend it for others.  Despite the title, it is more about […]