Good News: Gandalf the Grey!

Good News

I love having pets. While I really enjoy my dog, I will confess that I am more of a cat person. That may make me unpopular with some. Until recently, we had one dog and […]


Is Animal Euthanasia an Argument For Human Euthanasia?

Apologetics and Theology

There are a number of arguments for euthanasia. One that is convincing for some is the argument for how we treat our pets. Many of us have been in that unfortunate position of having to […]


What My Dog Teaches Me About Christian Ministry

Christian Ministry

Despite all my seminary training, much of what I have learned about ministry comes from life circumstances. One of my teachers, believe it or not, is my dog. I will give you a little background […]


Our Halo

Personal Reflections

Today is our dog’s eighth birthday (he is exactly one week older than our youngest child). Why would I bother blogging about a dog? I’m glad you asked. Halo is not just any dog. We […]


Pets as Family

We had a loss in our family tonight. That’s right. We sold our four guinea pigs. I never expected to have guinea pigs. Just over a year ago, Amanda came home with a guinea pig. […]