Why I Reject the Culture War

Culture War

From time to time, I surprise some of my American Christian friends about my attitudes toward the culture war. By culture war, I refer to the battle between the left and right, the liberals and […]


Thank God for Donald Trump

Leadership and Ministry

When I first became a follower of Jesus, I was eager to consume as much Christian content as I could. This was before the internet and so I watched Christian TV and listened to Christian […]


C.S. Lewis and Conservative Politics

C.S. Lewis

Jacob Lupfer has responded to Peter Wehner’s recent post about C.S. Lewis and politics. Here is a short sample: Instead of claiming Lewis would be for an idealized vision of the religious right, they should […]


Elections, Government and Christian Responsibility

Yesterday was the Canadian federal election. After three terms, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was defeated by Justin Trudeau, the son of a former prime minister. Some people are very happy, believing that Stephen Harper was […]


When It’s Wrong to Be Right: Public Faith

One of the problems with conservative Christianity is that they insist on going public with their faith.  If they want to have a private faith, that is fine.  But evangelicals impose their beliefs on others […]