31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Start a Reading Plan


Many of the pastors I know love to read. They have large libraries and collect resources to help with sermon preparations. But we can do better than just reading commentaries and other biblical resources. The […]


20 Books Every Christian Should Read

Apologetics and Theology

I enjoy reading posts that recommend books and I thought I would jump in. I read between two and four books per week and I have a sense of what books are worth reading. Here […]


Increase Your Reading Capacity


I recently ran a poll on Twitter asking people about how many books per year people were reading. The results were as follows: How many books do you read a year? — Stephen Bedard (@SJBedard) […]


Good News: Storytime

Good News

Three of our children just returned from a week at camp. I will admit, it is nice to have a bit of a break when they go to camp. At the same time, I miss […]


On Reading Well

We all want to write well. But perhaps we also need to learn to read well. Bill Fledderus, senior editor at Faith Today magazine, shares about the importance of reading well. You can find the […]


Light in the Darkness

I mentioned last week that it had been a hard day and I found it difficult getting my weekly good news. I hoped that this week would be easier. It wasn’t. While today was not as intense […]


Books, Books, Books

I love books. There I said it. It was not always that way. Even during my teens my main reading material was comic books. But my mom decided that I needed to broaden my interests. […]