Cinema Strangiato and Why I Love Rush

Personal Reflections

The first music that I really got into was Rush. The album was Fly By Night and my cousin brought it over for New Year’s Eve. We listened to it over and over. I have […]


Top Five Classic Rock Albums

Classic Rock

I have been into classic rock since I first started listening to music with Rush’s Fly By Night. I soon entered my heavy metal stage, with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest being some of my […]


Rivendell by Rush

C.S. Lewis and Friends

My favourite author is J.R.R. Tolkien and my favourite band is Rush. So when the two come together, it is just gold. Rivendell is a song that appeared on Rush’s second album, Fly by Night, […]


What a Rush!

This should have been a rotten day. We have been trying to buy a house and today we found out it wouldn’t work. Part of this was because of results of a home inspection that […]