Science and the Soul

Apologetics and Theology

I was reading Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction and I came across this quote by Susan Blackmore: If each person has a spirit or soul, as well as a brain, then science ought to be […]


Doubts on Darwinism


Many people see Darwinism as scientific fact. But is there some room for doubt? J.P. Moreland shares some doubts about Darwinism based on both philosophical and scientific grounds.


Has Stephen Hawking Eliminated the Need for a Creator?

Get William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith (USA) (Canada)


The Limits of Science

This is the second instalment in the series of blog post by Canadian bloggers. Except that today’s blogger is not Canadian. Andy Bannister is from the UK but is the Canadian director for RZIM. Not […]


Science vs Religion

Science and religion are enemies. Or at least that is what some people would like us to think. One of the battlegrounds of this idea is the proposal to teach intelligent design as an alternative […]


Is Atheism Winning the Battle for Science?

William Lane Craig, Craig Hazen and Jeff Zweerink discuss issues about science and faith.


Young Earth Creationists and Jesus Mythicists

Jesus Mythicists

I risk offending both young earth creationists (YEC) and Jesus mythicists (JM) with this post, but I have been thinking about the similarity between the two.  Let me say at the beginning that I have […]


The Devil’s Delusion

I recently finished David Berlinski’s The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions. This is not your typical evangelical Christian response to the new atheism.  David Berlinski is a secular Jew who writes as a […]