A Fellowship of Differents – Review

A Fellowship of Differents

It is common to hear people, both Christian and non-Christian, being critical of the church. The fastest growing religious group are the nones, many of whom reject organized religion because of bad experiences  with churches. […]


Top Ten Books I Read in 2016

Top Ten Books 2016

I had the opportunity to read some great books throughout 2016. I read just over 100 books during the year, but there were certain books that stood out. Here are the top ten that I […]


Top Five Books I Read During the Summer of 2016

I love to read. I try to read at least ten books a month. One of my favourite things to do during the summer is to sit outside and enjoy a good book. I had […]


Kingdom Conspiracy – Review

The kingdom of God is arguably the most important topic in the Gospels. It definitely was the core of Jesus’ preaching. But what is the kingdom of God? Scot McKnight tackles this important topic in […]


Scot McKnight and Albert Mohler on the Young Earth

One of the debates among evangelicals is the relationship between the Bible and science  on creation.  Some evangelicals take Genesis 1 literally, accepting six day creation, see the earth at most 10,000 years old and […]


Scot McKnight on the Resurrection

Scot McKnight had an interesting reflection on issues surrounding the resurrection and what happens when one dies.  You can read his blog post here.