The Punisher: Season Two – Review


I really liked the episodes of Daredevil with the new Punisher. I even liked the first season of the Punisher. But I was disappointed with the second season. I do like Jon Bernthal as the […]


Iron Fist: Season 2 – Review

Iron Fist

I have been baffled by the hate toward the Iron Fist series on Netflix. I have found both seasons much more enjoyable than Luke Cage or Jessica Jones, being second only to Daredevil. For me, […]


Stranger Things: Season 2 – Review

Comic Book Geek

I really enjoyed the first season of Stranger Things. Not only did I love the story, I was not much older than those kids at that time in the 1980s. I was looking forward to […]


Luke Cage: Season 2 – Review

I recently watched the second season of Luke Cage on Netflix. I had been disappointed with the first season. I thought that the first season was painfully slow, focused more on highlighting the culture of […]


Jessica Jones: Season 2 – Review

I have just finished watching the second season of Jessica Jones. I will confess, as a character, I find Jessica Jones the least likeable of all the Marvel Netflix characters. This is unfortunate as Marvel […]