Five Views on Apologetics

Apologetics and Theology

One of my favourite series of books are the four/five views books. I love the format that allows the reader to both get a number of perspectives on a theological issue as well as to […]


Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics

I am currently reading the JISCA Vol. 4 No. 1 (2011) which has the following articles: “A Beginner’s-and Expert’s-Guide to the Big Bang: Separating Fact From Fiction” by Hugh Ross “Evangelical Anabaptism-Historical Disproof of Quinn’s […]


Philosophia Christi

I am currently reading Philosophia Christi Vol. 13, No. 1.  The articles in this issue include: “Intentionality and the Substance of the Self” by Dallas Willard “Substance Dualism and the Argument From Self-Awareness” by J.P. […]