Top Five Classic Rock Albums

Classic Rock

I have been into classic rock since I first started listening to music with Rush’s Fly By Night. I soon entered my heavy metal stage, with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest being some of my […]


Top Fifty For Fifty

Top Fifty

As I have been preparing to turn fifty years old, I have been doing a series of top five lists that have been connected with different areas of interest. Here is the compiled list of […]


Top 5 Recent War Movies

I have enjoyed war movies from the time I was a young child. There was a time that I thought the only good war movie was in black and white. But there have been some […]


Top Five Experiences as an Apologist


I have been involved in apologetics almost as long as I have had an adult faith. Apologetics is simply providing reasons for belief. Since I came out of a number of years as an atheist, […]


Top Five Milestones of My Life


As I approach fifty, I have been doing a number of top five lists. I would be missing something if I didn’t include a list about the major milestones in my life. Many things have […]


Top Five Superhero Movies

Comic Book Geek

I grew up reading comic books. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I learned to read with comics. Now as an adult, those same characters are on the big screen with special […]


Top Five Things I Have Learned As a Pastor

Leadership and Ministry

I have had the role of a pastor, on and off, for over twenty years. It is an important part of my identity and I’m thankful to be able to serve in this way. As […]


Top Five Things I Wish People Knew About Autism

As I approach my fiftieth birthday, I’m writing a number of top five lists. Since autism is something that is close to my heart, I need to blog about this as well. Autism awareness has […]


Top Five Things I Have Learned About Blogging

As I approach fifty years old, I have been doing a number of top five lists. One area of my life that has taken a significant amount of time is blogging. I have been blogging […]


Top Five Things I Like About C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis and Friends

As I continue to celebrate my 50th birthday with top five lists, I turn my attention to C.S. Lewis. Lewis is easily one of my favourite authors and Christian thinkers. But what is it that […]


Top Five Apologetics Books for Beginners

Apologetics and Theology

I am turning fifty in a couple of weeks. I considered doing some sort of top fifty post but that sounded too hard. So I am going to do ten different top five posts. The […]