Evangelical Leaders, Abuse and Women


My heart breaks at recent events with regard to major leaders within the evangelical movement and attitudes toward women. One of the most respected evangelical leaders in the past few decades has been Bill Hybels. […]


Sean McDowell on the Value of Women in the Bible

It is common to hear that Christianity in general and the Bible in particular is anti-women. But is that true? It is easy to make assertions, but what does the Bible really say? Sean McDowell […]


Was Paul a Misogynist?

Apologetics and Theology

Did the Apostle Paul really hate women? Did he teach that women were inferior or that their rights should be limited? Some people believe so. Should women read Paul as one hostile to their gender? […]


When It’s Wrong to Be Right: Women

One of the problems with conservative Christianity is that it has denied rights to women and has attempted to keep women in submission to men.  Women are banned from important roles and are not seen […]