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Human Origins 0

Views on Human Origins

I recently did a Twitter poll on people’s beliefs on human origins. Here are the results. What is your view of human origins? — Stephen Bedard (@SJBedard) January 6, 2018 Obviously the numbers are...

Creationism and Evangelism 0

Creationism and Evangelism

When I first became a Christian, one of the hardest things that I had to deal with was not persecution but how to deal with Genesis 1. I always hated reading that chapter. It...

Young Earth Creationists and Jesus Mythicists 6

Young Earth Creationists and Jesus Mythicists

I risk offending both young earth creationists (YEC) and Jesus mythicists (JM) with this post, but I have been thinking about the similarity between the two.  Let me say at the beginning that I...