Top Apologetics Blogs

Here are a collection of apologetics blogs from which you will discover some tremendous resources.

If you have an active and apologetics-related blog, leave a comment and I will add you to the list.

Advanced Apologetics

Alisha Childers

Always Have a Reason

Apologetics 315

Apologetics Canada

Apologetics Minion

Apologetics Review

Bellator Christi


Chicken Fried Apologetics

Christian Apologetics Alliance

Christian Vanguard

Christ the Tao

Cold-Case Christianity

Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes

Cross Examined

Dallas Carter

Deeper Waters

Doug Groothius

Eunoia Blog

Evolution News

Ezra Institute

Faith and Self Defense

Faith Beyond Belief

God Evidence

Greg Monette

Hope Beyond Reason

Hope’s Reason


Is Christianity True?

Joshua Beck

Melissa Cain Travis

The Poached Egg

Rank and File

Reasons to Believe

Room for Doubt

Reasons for Jesus

RZIM Global Blog

Sarah Malcangi

Sean McDowell

Sens Homines

A Solid Faith

Solid-State Apologetics

Stand to Reason

The Tentative Apologist

Think Apologetics

Think Christianly

Thinking Christian

Thinking Out Loud

Thomistic Bent

To Be Sure … God Loves Us


Truthbomb Apologetics

Tyndale Philosophy Blog

Veritas Forum

Wintery Knight

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