How to Come Up with Blog Topics

Are you serious about blogging? Do you really want to make something of your blog? Content is key. If blogging is just an occasional hobby, you can blog on what you feel like when you feel like it. But if you want to make a difference, if you want to impact your audience, then you need to put thought into your post topics.

How do you decide what to blog on?

There is a place for spontaneous posts based on your day’s experience or world events. Trending topics often get plenty of hits. However, you cannot depend on regular events that are both popular and overlap with your expertise. These type of blog posts should supplement your regular blogging schedule.

Here are some suggestions on how to come up with a blog schedule.

Determine your audience.

There are two aspects to this. Who are you currently reaching and who do you want to reach? Your desire is easier to determine. You may need to do a survey to find out who is already reading your blog.

Determine the types of posts that will reach that audience.

Blogging about absolutely everything is fine for a hobby blog aimed at your friends and family. Taking your blog to the next level will require more focus. You may want to decide on a primary focus and then make room for some related but wider topics. For example, this blog has a focus on Bible/apologetics/theology and disabilities issues for the Church. The thing that ties them together is Christian discipleship.

Brainstorm topics.

Take a pen and paper (remember them?) and start writing down as many post topics that you can think of. Write down whatever comes to mind and don’t worry if it will be good or not. Later go back to your list and scratch off the topics that will not work or that are too far off from your focus. You now how have a list of blog posts for you to work from. It is freeing to not have to come up with things from scratch.

Measure what worked.

After you have blogged through this list, take some time to figure out what worked. You can look at the number of hits, the comments, the shares, the social media interaction and so on. This should give you an idea of what blog posts are engaging your audience. Use this information as you come up with your next list.

Will this guarantee a successful blog? There are no guarantees but this may help take out some of the frustration of coming up with something to blog about. Blogging is fun and there is an opportunity to bless others with your knowledge and experience. Try these steps and you find blogging to be an even more rewarding experience.

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