Family Day

In Ontario, we have a holiday called Family Day. It is not a holiday that I grew up with, but it is one that I am glad that we have. Sure, every day should be family day but it is nice to have a specific day to push us in this direction.

Although we had a few bumps along the road, this has been a pretty good Family Day. We continued our Harry Potter “semi-marathon” by watching the Prisoner of Azkaban. We then went skating. The park near our house has turned a baseball diamond into a skating rink. Our neighbourhood association arranged for hot chocolate and Timbits for a family skate. The kids did great, especially as we are not really a skating family. They picked it up pretty quick. After supper we had Lego time, which is always important. I find it interesting that I built a heavily-armed spaceship and Emma built a church. We can see who the spiritual one is in our family.

More than activities on a holiday, I am thankful for my entire family. I have been blessed with an incredible wife and five great kids. Thank you God!


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