C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell

C.S. LewisOne of my favourite books by C.S. Lewis is the Screwtape Letters. Not only are they funny, but the insight both into human nature and spiritual principles is quite deep. If you have read anything by Lewis, you know there is always more to discover.

To help in this endeavour, William O’Flaherty has written a helpful book called, C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell: A Companion and Study Guide to the Screwtape Letters.

What will you find in this book? It has everything you need to get more out of Lewis’s classic. It has a detailed glossary, which is especially helpful as Lewis sometimes uses common terms in a different way than we may today or in our culture. The entries give good insight as to where Lewis was going and how some of the letters relate.

Another great feature of the book are the reflection questions on every letter. These could be used for personal study or could be used in a group setting. If you are trying to figure out a good book to study with your small group, this study guide along with Lewis’s book will give you everything you need.

So if you have not read the Screwtape Letters in a while (or ever), now is the time and make sure to get O’Flaherty’s guide to go with it.

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