5 Things That I Love About Being a Pastor

I first had the role of a pastor in 1996 and have been ordained since 2001. I have been a youth pastor, associate pastor and solo pastor. I have been in traditional and contemporary churches, rural and downtown churches. Of course there have been some challenging times but overall I enjoy my career as a pastor.

Here are five things that I love about being a pastor.

  1. I get to study the Bible. I hope that all Christians spend time studying the Bible. However, there are tools that I have learned in my theological training and I have time in my schedule that allow me to study the Bible in a way that I may not have done otherwise.
  2. I get to teach the Bible. Not only do I get to study the Bible, I get to communicate this truth to my congregation. This is done not just by passing on Bible knowledge but by finding the connections between what was said by the original biblical authors to the contemporary situations of people in my congregation.
  3. I get invited into people’s lives. My role includes visitation, especially for those who are sick or are in nursing homes. I get to be involved in weddings and funerals. As an introvert, it is not always easy for me, but I do not take the responsibility lightly.
  4. I get to work with some great leaders. In some churches this has been with other pastoral staff and in others it has been with deacons and other people. It is so rewarding when I can encourage leaders and watch them grow in ways they may not have anticipated.
  5. I need to rely on God. If there is one thing that I have learned as a pastor, it is that I cannot do it on my own. There have been times that I have attempted to do it in my own strength and have failed miserably. Being a pastor drives me to prayer. I do believe that I need to enhance my skills, learn new knowledge and work hard. But all of that is done with full trust in God’s strength, wisdom and grace.
If there is one thing that I have learned as a pastor is that I cannot do it on my own. Click To Tweet

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