Star Trek Beyond – Review

I have been a Star Trek fan for a long time. I’m actually one of the rare breed of people who like both Star Wars and Star Trek. I grew up watching the original series and I have really been enjoying the reboot.

What did I think of Star Trek Beyond? It was not a life changing movie. It did not bring me to tears or anything. It was not completely original. But it was a good solid sci fi adventure movie. I thought it captured the spirit of Star Trek very well.

The action and fight sequences were well done. The current cast of Star Trek does a fantastic job. It is sad that we have to say goodbye to the actor who portrays Chekhov. I liked the villain in this film and it was a nice twist at the end.

I would say that the destruction of the Enterprise, after having been destroyed in so many Star Trek movies, has lost its shock. Still, this was a minor thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I’m happy to hear they are going to make a fourth movie.

I can easily recommend this movie, not just to Star Trek fans, but for all action movie fans.

Star Trek Beyond


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