How to Talk to Your Pastor About Apologetics

I have heard from a number of people who have been frustrated when their church leadership does not seem interested in apologetics. You have read the books and have been to the conferences and you know how powerful apologetics can be. But when you talk to your pastor, there seems to be no interest. What are you to do?

As an apologist and a pastor, I have a foot in both worlds. I am sympathetic to both sides. I would like to share some ideas about communicating the importance of apologetics to your pastor.

Don’t Do This

  • Don’t hand your pastor an armful of books on apologetics to read. People are always suggesting/lending/giving books to pastors. At the same time, pastors have their own list of books to read.
  • Don’t tell your pastor to start an apologetics group. Pastors are already busy and everyone wants them to focus on their particular interest.
  • Don’t tell your pastor about another pastor who is interested in apologetics. Being compared to another pastor is not great motivation.

Do This

  • Tell your pastor about one influential book on apologetics but don’t ask them to read it. Summarize it or share a review you have written about the book.
  • Talk about apologetics in terms of evangelism or discipleship. Evangelism and discipleship should already be important for the church.
  • Share stories about how apologetics has influenced your Christian faith.
  • Tell your pastor what you are willing to do to make something happen rather than what you expect them to do.

Follow these principles and you may find that you have more success in introducing apologetics to your church.

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