Redeeming Doubting Thomas

If you were one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, how would you like to be remembered by history? Simon gets to be the Rock. James and John get to be the Sons of Thunder. Thomas? Thomas gets to be Doubting Thomas.

I must confess that I have a soft spot for Thomas and I feel that he gets treated unfairly. So, I was quite pleased when Sean McDowell wrote a piece on Thomas that addressed his supposed doubting. Here is a part of his post and I encourage you to read the full article.

Thomas is my favorite apostle. I love his inquisitive nature (John 14:5) and his demand for evidence (20:24-29). Thomas may have even been the boldest apostle! When Jesus announced to his disciples that he was going to Judea, they tried to stop him (11:8). And yet Thomas was not dissuaded. He boldly proclaimed: “Let us also go, that we may die with him” (11:16). Thomas may have even first evangelized India and died there as a martyr. As I demonstrate in my book The Fate of the Apostles, the stories and traditions surrounding the apostle Thomas are utterly fascinating. In fact, Thomas was one of the most commonly cited apostles in the early apocryphal traditions.[i]

And yet most people simply remember Thomas as a doubter. How unfortunate! The great irony is that Thomas wasn’t even a doubter. That’s right, Thomas was not a doubter. Let me say it one more time to be sure it sinks in—“Doubting Thomas” was not a doubter.

You can read the full post by Sean McDowell here.

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