Walking Dead: Season 6

Walking Dead

I just finished watching Walking Dead: Season 6. I have been a fan of this show from the beginning. I found this season to be one of the better seasons. It definitely has been a season of character development. People are being changed by their circumstances. Father Gabriel has not been one of my favourite characters (perhaps because I’m a minister). But the change in him has been interesting. Eugene is always a lot of fun.

There were plenty of deaths in this season. This is not like the red shirts of Star Trek, you can’t predict who will go. I was surprised by some of the deaths.

I found the episode, “No Way Out” to be the highlight of the season. It was great to see the team pull together and take on the walkers.

The Wolves were being built up as a major threat, and yes they caused a lot of havoc, but they were a bit of a disappointment. Are they gone now? Do we forget about them?

As for the season finale, I was disappointed. It seemed to drag and never built the sense of anticipation that I was expecting. So far I’m not impressed with Neegan, but that might change with next season.

Who do I think died at the end?

My guess is Abraham. But we will see.

PS: I was wrong.

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