6 Questions to Ask Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are often eager to talk about religion. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to share your faith with them. However, just talking religion will not have much of an effect. You need to have some sort of strategy. Be assured that they have a strategy.

I believe in the power of asking questions. Here are six questions that you can use in conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  1. Watchtower and the WordAsk them how many gods we are supposed to believe in. Point them to John 1:1, where their translation describes the Word (Jesus) as “a god.” Is Jesus a second god for us to believe in?
  2. If Jesus is (as they believe) the archangel Michael, why does Hebrews 1 specifically teach that Jesus is not an angel?
  3. If an archangel is not an angel but the head of the angels (as they believe), why is every other use of the prefix arch mean a leader from within the group? For example, the high priest is also a priest and not just the head of the priests.
  4. If Michael is a unique creation of God, why does Daniel 10:13 describe Michael as “one of the chief princes”?
  5. If true worshippers of God are supposed to call him Jehovah, why does the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) not appear in the New Testament?
  6. If the elect 144,000 are the only ones who will go to heaven, why does Revelation 21 teach that God will dwell on earth?

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2 thoughts on “6 Questions to Ask Jehovah’s Witnesses”

  1. Another question that I asked, was to ask, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” Why would the promises about the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit no longer apply to us today?

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