Good News: Rhythm Section

My good news for this week has to do with a decision my son and I have made. I am very sensitive about trying to force my children to go to church. There definitely is a long tradition of pastor’s kids that have rebelled against church. I want church to be something they will enjoy and want to participate in.

Justus BedardAt Queen Street Baptist Church, we have been trying to actively include children in our services. With that in mind, I made a deal with my son Justus. I told him that if he started drumming at church, I would start playing my bass guitar.

I have played bass with a couple of worship bands, but that was almost twenty years ago, and even then I was not great. I never put the practice in to develop my skills. I have no dreams about becoming a top notch bassist. But if putting myself out there is an encouragement to Justus, it is worth doing.

Justus is actually a talented musician. While he is not disciplined with taking lessons, he has plenty of natural talent. I believe he could go far.

How did our first Sunday go? Well, we both have a ways to go, but it was fun for us to do this together. A big part of this for us to have something that we can do as a father and son. I look forward to playing with more in the future.

Justus played a bit of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water after church.

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