7 Ways Pastors Can Begin to Integrate Apologetics into Their Ministry

I believe that apologetics is important and not just for those interested in apologetics. Apologetics is especially important for pastors, whether they like it or not. The fact is that there is a steady stream of anti-Christian apologetics hitting our people and ignoring Christian apologetics is not going to stop that.

While I’m not suggesting you need to hire a pastor of apologetics (not that it’s a bad idea), it is good to start thinking of ways to begin integrating apologetics into your pastoral ministry. Here are seven ways to get the process started.

  1. Begin a reading plan on apologetics, both introductions and books on specific topics.
  2. Take a course on apologetics at a local seminary or Bible college. You might consider taking the certificate of apologetics program at Biola.
  3. Preach on passages that deal directly with apologetics, such as 1 Peter 3:15 or Acts 17.
  4. Preach on apologetics-related topics, such as the problem of evil, the nature of truth, etc.
  5. Offer a Q & A time with your congregation where they can ask you any question they want.
  6. Include some apologetics-related topics in your small group study strategy.
  7. Talk to and encourage those in your congregation who are already interested in apologetics.

Here is a video I record some time ago that is aimed at pastors.

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