Don’t Be That Christian!

I encounter a lot of objections to Christianity.  While I have read many posts by atheists, the most difficult to my faith are posts by people who label themselves Christians. There are Christians who are embarrassing and there are Christians who are harmful. I’m not prideful enough to assume that I have always provided a positive witness for Christ. This post is aimed at me as much as it is aimed at anyone else.

Whatever you do, don’t be the Christian who…

  • Expects the pastor to do all the ministry.
  • Gets joy when someone they don’t like stumbles.
  • Never reads the Bible or prays.
  • Is more interested in what they can get out of church than what they can give.
  • Passes on stories without checking out if they are true.
  • Is more interested in the culture wars than the gospel.
  • Avoids the fellowship of believers.
  • Expects non-Christians to live by Christian morals.
  • Judges people who do the same things they do.
  • Ignores the commands to love God and people.
  • Is afraid to admit they are a Christian.
  • Believes that faith can exist without works.
  • Assumes God is leading others in the same direction that God is leading them.
  • Blindly embraces the values of culture.
  • Rejects cares for others as the “liberal agenda.”

There are many other things that we should avoid but this is a good start. feel free to keep me accountable on this path as well.

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One thought on “Don’t Be That Christian!”

  1. Good thoughts, but I thought it would be like a teeter -totter –whatever they’re called nowadays, and you would balance it with all the positive things a Christian should be. Actually, not everyone who calls themselves a Christian has been adopted into the family of God through a born again experience so how can they be expected to act like something they don’t really understand.

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