5 Things You Need to Know About Pastors

Although things have changed, there are still people who place pastors on pedestals. There is nothing wrong with respecting pastors. Pastors study a lot and work hard to help in the spiritual development of their congregations. But sometimes people forget that pastors are just regular folk. Unrealistic expectations can lead to a painful fall from that pedestal.

Here are five things that you need to know, but perhaps didn’t want to know, about pastors.

  1. Pastors at times struggle in their marriages. Marriage is difficult for everyone and pastors don’t get a pass on those challenges. In addition, pastoral ministry can lead to added stress.
  2. Pastors at times struggle as parents. There are so many challenges for parents and pastors are no exception. Pastors face the same difficulties as everyone else. In addition, there is the added pressure of what congregations expect from the pastor’s families. Sometimes the children even turn their back on faith.
  3. Pastors have questions and doubts about faith. The pastor’s job is to help people grow stronger in their faith. But pastors also encounter passages in the Bible that are hard to understand and wonder why God allows certain things. This does not disqualify them from teaching the Bible.
  4. Pastors take ministry issues personally. Perhaps pastors should just see problems at the church as a part of work and just leave it at the office. But many pastors take it personally when a family leaves or giving goes down or people do not offer to volunteer in ministries.
  5. Pastors want to have fun. Pastors don’t just sit around and discuss the Bible and theology (at least not all the time). Pastors are normal people who like to do normal things. It can be anything from participating in sports to watching classic movies.


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