My 4 Priorities as a Pastor

What does a pastor do? There are different types of pastors (solo, lead, associate, youth, executive) and so there are different responsibilities. But I can share what my priorities are in my role as the lead pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church. This is not to say that these are all my duties but rather these are the areas that I see as most important for my role.

  1. Teach the Bible. When I first started at seminary, I did not want to be a preacher. Now it is one of my favourite activities. My preaching has a heavy teaching component. But I also teach through Bible studies and other events.
  2. Care for my people. This includes personal visitation but also making sure others are involved in the caring ministry. We have care teams in our church and I help to train them and point them in the right direction.
  3. Raise up leaders. The most rewarding thing for me in ministry is seeing people in the congregation getting involved in leadership. I want to help people discover their gifts and find matches with the needs in our community.
  4. Connecting with those outside the church. This may be through online activities or volunteering in the community. I love the people in our congregation but it is important to interact with those outside the church.

What about you? What are your priorities in pastoral ministry?

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