Why I Teach Apologetics at My Church

My primary role in ministry is as a pastor of a local congregation. Why then do I choose to teach apologetics at my church? Is this just a case of me pushing my interests on my church?

There are many different things that I could teach at my church and apologetics is by no means the only thing I teach. I spend much more time teaching biblical literacy and interpretation than I do apologetics. I intend to do some teaching on other subjects, such as worship and prayer.

But like worship and prayer, apologetics is an important subject that deserves attention. Here are some of the reasons why I am teaching a study on apologetics in the next few weeks.

  • People already are doing apologetics. If you can answer why you are a Christian, you are doing apologetics. I just want to help people do it better.
  • While it doesn’t help everyone, there is usually a core group in every congregation that is encouraged by apologetics.
  • Apologetics is as useful for discipleship as it is for evangelism.
  • Apologetics is a way for us to worship with our mind.
  • There is a constant stream of anti-Christian apologetics on television and the internet.
  • People in our congregation get asked hard questions by friends and family.
  • Increased confidence in Christianity leads to more energized ministry in other areas.

And that is why I’m teaching apologetics at my church and will continue to do so.

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