Good News: First Communion

Today may have been one of the most amazing mornings at church in my life. I shared a couple of weeks ago about how we brought our son with autism to church for the first time.

This weekend we had Logan and Abby for a day visit from their group home. Logan requested that he stay over night. When I asked Logan if he wanted to go to church, he quickly said “yes” and shook his head vigorously in the affirmative. In the morning I brought out one of my sports coats and offered it to Logan. You should have seen his face brighten up at the thought of dressing like dad for church.

Logan Bedard
tLogan on the way to church.

People at our church were excited to see Logan again and some got to meet him for the first time. Logan even got to meet another young man with autism that attends our church. All of this would be good enough but it got better.

In our church, we only have communion once a month. Amanda and I hadn’t talked ahead of time about what to do with Logan during communion. As I led communion from the front, I watched Amanda and Logan. Logan was very present, which is not always the case. He was really paying attention. He took the bread and ate it with the rest of us. As I lifted the cup to lead the congregation, Logan raised his cup with me. This was Logan’s first communion.

I was able to watch the entire thing and I will tell you that I wanted to immediately switch from my pastor hat to my dad hat and run and embrace my son. I was feeling very emotional and barely got through the rest of the service.

Amanda told me that not only was Logan very present, he was a bit teary after taking communion. Even though he is nonverbal, he understands and he connected with God in this sacrament.

This was a very emotional day for us. There are some stressful things taking place in our family right now but this felt like God lightening our load with a special blessing. Amanda described it as a “holy and sacred moment.”

Our intention is to baptize Logan as we are confident that he has a faith, even if he can’t verbally express it. God blessed our family this morning and this is Good News.


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