Should Churches Acknowledge Father’s Day and Mother’s Day?

When it comes to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, different churches have different responses.

Some churches make a big deal about these days. They will have mothers or fathers stand up, the might give special gifts. There could be special music relevant to mothers or fathers and the sermon might be focused on this theme.

There are others that completely ignore these days. It may be because they are not biblical holidays. Or it may be a recognition that these days are not pleasant for everyone. Instead of celebrating, some people have bad experiences rubbed in their face.

How should churches acknowledge Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, if they acknowledge them at all?

I cannot tell others what to do but I will share what I do.

In the past, I used to preach sermons around these days. But I always dreaded it and found them an interruption in my regular sermon series. I also don’t include special music or offer special gifts for the day.

But I don’t ignore these days either. It is on people’s minds, for good or for bad, and I believe it deserves acknowledgment. It is good to celebrate the mother and father relationships that are healthy. But we also need to acknowledge and speak to those relationships that are unhealthy or are separated because of death.

So what I do is pray for mothers and fathers and our relationships with our mothers and fathers. I bring all of the good, bad and ugly to God and ask for him to be present in those relationships. Then I get on with the rest of the service.

How do you acknowledge Father’s Day and Mother’s Day in your church?

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