On Being a Pastor and Teacher

TeacherBetween my time as the pastor of Woodford Baptist Church/First Baptist Church Meaford and my current church of Queen Street Baptist Church, I had an opportunity to wrestle with my calling.

During that time, I was teaching an almost full load of courses, between Emmanuel Bible College and Tyndale University College. I thought about my future and considered a career in teaching. My call was ultimately clarified as being as a pastor. Of this, I’m thankful.

Having said that, I continue to teach part-time in addition to my pastoral role. I don’t see this as a distraction from my work as a pastor. Although pastoring is my primary role, teaching has its blessings.

Here are some reasons that I’m glad that I’m both a pastor and Bible teacher.

  • There is a long and healthy tradition of cooperation between the church and the academy. I love beng a part of that.
  • My teaching in the classroom helps to improve my teaching and preaching in the church.
  • I enjoy working with the students and seeing them develop in their understanding of the Bible.
  • Preparing to teach a course requires that I immerse myself in a certain area. I learn so much during this preparation. It is both personally and professionally enriching.
  • Some of what I learn in both the preparation and the teaching comes out in my preaching.
  • I often reuse the material from my course in the church as a Bible study. I condense and summarize the material, but it usually is of interest to my congregation.
  • Teaching in the classroom gives me access to a certain age group that I don’t normally have as much time with.

Being a pastor and a teacher. It is a good thing. Being a pastor makes me a better teacher and being a teacher makes me a better pastor. While my primary calling is as a pastor, my teaching experience is extremely valuable to all I do.

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